Concrete, Paint, and Tractors

The new tractor

While we have not been able to have campers this summer, we have had many teens and adults come to use their talents and time to accomplish a great deal. Concrete has been poured for new porches and a space to cook with our grills. Several buildings have been painted and repaired, including the girls dorm. A new space for our water equipment was also built which will provide room to keep the water flowing safely. Beyond all of that, the Lord has provided a new tractor to replace the old one which has been chugging around the property for over 20 years. Here are just a few pictures to tell the story.

Water System Project

Water – we all know how important it is in our everyday lives and it is no different at camp. Our water comes from a spring above camp and while it has always tested to be clean and pure, we have to chlorinate it to comply with state and federal regulations. Our current structure for the chlorinator is basically a manhole, which has met our needs to this point but is beginning to show its limitations.

The Twin Peaks Bible Camp board has decided it is time to replace the current structure with a more appropriate building. This will provide room to work with the system and remove the danger of a confined space. It will also allow us to heat the space for more year around use while meeting the current and future regulations. We anticipate a cost of about $5000 for this project. If you would like to help with the cost please visit our donations page to explore the options.

Here are a few picture of the current situation.

Ladies Retreat

The weather was perfect for opportunities to enjoy the beautiful outdoors. We had a small group but enjoyed great fellowship, hikes and s’mores around the campfire. The chapels focused on Biblical Hospitality, as the women watched videos off of the book “Just Open the Door,” by Jen Schmidt. We had great discussion times after the videos and were encouraged to look at hospitality in a new way and get away from “entertaining.” The food was wonderful and all the women appreciated not having to cook!! It was a great weekend.

The Snow is Deep!

The snow is deep and plentiful at camp this year! With the abundance of snow, we have had to shovel some roofs to make sure the buildings weren’t damaged. It is also creating challenges to keep the road cleared and paths open. We thought you might like to see a few pictures of the winter wonderland at 8000 feet on the Grand Mesa.

Boys dorm is a bit hard to get to right now.
Dining hall has its share of snow as well.
Dining hall porch.
We might need to climb some to get out!
The snack shop carries a load of snow.
The snow is piled high after it slides off the snack shop.
Whitecaps on the cabins!
The metal roofs help shed the load of snow.
Girls dorm has shed most of the snow.
Looking up the trail towards the ball diamond.
A great view of Old Man Mountain.

The New Cabins Are Taking Shape

The new cabins continue to take shape, the result of a great deal of hard work and dedication. We are thankful to all who have helped.

Looking up the road towards the new cabins.
Old Lady Mountain from the new staff cabin.
The new staff cabin from the ball diamond road.
Rafters are up and waiting for sheeting on the new staff cabin.
One camper cabin with the roofing underlay in place.
The second camper cabin waiting for its turn.
Staff cabin with the roof sheeting well underway.
Staff cabin with sheeting and underlay in progress.

Construction Project – Framing Cabins

We are excited to see the progress on the new cabins. We wanted to share a few pictures of the framing process. We are looking to put up the trusses on December 27 – 29, 2018. If you would like to help we would be glad to have you. Please contact the camp office for more details.

Lumber delivery.
The lumber is here, waiting to be put to use.
Starting on one of the camper cabins.
Beginning to take shape.
Waiting for the trusses.

Construction Project Update – Concrete Work

The concrete portion of the construction of the three new cabins is complete. The first cabin slab was poured on October 23, the staff cabin on October 25 and the other camper cabin on the 26th. The weather was not completely cooperative as there was some rain and sleet along the way but the work continued and the foundations and floors finished.

For the staff cabin, a conveyer belt was used to move the concrete. However, the belt broke down after just 16 of the 46 yards had been poured. This meant that the remaining 30 yards had to be moved with a high tech tool called a shovel.

Due to the freezing temperatures, concrete blankets were used to cover the freshly poured concrete to allow it to cure properly. We appreciate the generosity of Upland Construction for loaning camp the blankets.

We have a team from Heritage Home Concepts taking the lead on the project with a number of volunteers helping out as they can. We are so thankful for those who have given their time and talents to keep the project moving forward. Overall, 107 yards of concrete were poured. What a blessing to have this first step of the project finished.

We hope to being framing the cabins towards the end of December and will do our best to keep you informed of the progress. We covet your prayer that the Lord will allow the work to continue and that we would be able to use these buildings this coming summer. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or would like to help in any way with this project.

Construction Project Begins

It is an exciting time at Twin Peaks this fall. A construction project that will add a staff cabin and two camper cabins is in full swing. As with many projects, to bring in something new often requires removing something old. In this case, the old was the Cochran and Langemade cabins. Both cabins were structurally unsound, with Langemade only used for storage and Cochran used as little as possible this summer. It is a bit sad to see these two building demolished as they were part of camp for so long but it is far more exciting to see what the Lord has in store as we build new facilities in their place. Here are a few pictures of the process.

Cochran Cabin

Space for new cabins.

Getting ready to replace the basketball court.

Looking up at the blank space at the top of the hill.

Fall is here

There has been a lot of activity at camp this fall but there has also been the amazing colors that the changing season brings. Here are a few pictures of that provide a sense of both.

The meeting tent comes down.

And the colors light up.

And the clouds move in.