Concrete, Paint, and Tractors

The new tractor

While we have not been able to have campers this summer, we have had many teens and adults come to use their talents and time to accomplish a great deal. Concrete has been poured for new porches and a space to cook with our grills. Several buildings have been painted and repaired, including the girls dorm. A new space for our water equipment was also built which will provide room to keep the water flowing safely. Beyond all of that, the Lord has provided a new tractor to replace the old one which has been chugging around the property for over 20 years. Here are just a few pictures to tell the story.

Water System Project

Water – we all know how important it is in our everyday lives and it is no different at camp. Our water comes from a spring above camp and while it has always tested to be clean and pure, we have to chlorinate it to comply with state and federal regulations. Our current structure for the chlorinator is basically a manhole, which has met our needs to this point but is beginning to show its limitations.

The Twin Peaks Bible Camp board has decided it is time to replace the current structure with a more appropriate building. This will provide room to work with the system and remove the danger of a confined space. It will also allow us to heat the space for more year around use while meeting the current and future regulations. We anticipate a cost of about $5000 for this project. If you would like to help with the cost please visit our donations page to explore the options.

Here are a few picture of the current situation.