Our A-Team program is for students aged 13-18 willing to help serve at camp in a support role. This is a volunteer position that has many character-building opportunities. This program is designed to foster a love for serving the Lord and people.  Duties might include meal service, cleaning chores, work projects, and assisting counselors with their cabin groups. A-Team applicants must submit an application along with a Health Form.  Applications need to be received by May 1st.

A-Team requirements:

  • Must have a servant’s heart.
  • Must be willing to submit to Camp leadership.
  • Be willing to grow closer with the Lord and have a desire to encourage others to do the same.
  • Be willing to serve in all assigned tasks, including helping counselors in a Junior Counselor role.
  • Be willing to follow all camp rules.
  • Be willing to memorize scripture each week.

Volunteer and Staff Health Form

Medical Volunteer Reference Form Links

If you are apply to be on the A-Team at camp for the summer, you will need one pastoral reference and two personal references. Here are the links to the forms for your references to fill out.

Pastoral Reference Form

Personal Reference Form (You need two personal references)