Camper Forms

For 2024, we will be switching to a new online camper registration platform. We hope to have it up and running by the end of February.

Campers will need to register through the new platform once it is up and running. Each camper is also required to have a health form filled out and signed by their parent or guardian as well as their physician after receiving a physical* according to state laws and regulations.

Please review this document before starting the registration process. It provides important information concerning the health form, medications, and immunizations.

List of approved medication that may be administered by the Health Care Provider at Twin Peaks Bible Camp.

A physical* and a signature from a physician is required for the full completion of the health form. It is highly recommended that all health forms be submitted at least four weeks in advance of the start of camp to aid in the registration process.  In accordance with the Colorado Department of Public Health, camper health forms are required to be received by the camp two weeks prior for the camper to attend.

**In order to receive the early registration discount your registration form must be postmarked or the online registration completed and the $40.00 deposit fee must be included with the registration. Visit our rates and fee page for more information.