Camper Health Forms

For 2024, we have switched to a fully online camper registration platform. Please be patient with us as we all learn this new system. There are sure to be some glitches and hiccups, so help us by being patient.

Each family will create a family account through our online portal. From there, you can add each of your campers to your family dashboard. Campers will need to register through this new portal. You will also be required to upload your health form, medication form(s) (if you need them), and vaccination status. The health form must be filled out and signed by a parent or guardian as well as a physician after receiving a physical* according to state laws and regulations.

Camper Health Certificates must be renewed annually if the camper takes medications. However, if the camper doesn’t take medications, you can submit a new health certificate every other year. For instance, if you submitted a new Camper Health Certificate in 2023 and your child doesn’t take medications, you can upload last year’s Health Certificate. You may also contact our camp office for assistance uploading the form on file from last year.  

CAMPER HEALTH FORM PACKET: Below you can download this packet to fill out and print, you can fill in these pages and print them from here, however, you are unable to save the information so please print them before closing this page, or you can download this packet in the registration portal while registering for camp. These pages will need to be uploaded in the registration portal for each camper.

A physical* and a signature from a physician is required for the full completion of the health form. This form must be uploaded in the registration portal for each camper. In accordance with the Colorado Department of Public Health, camper health forms are required to be received by the camp two weeks prior for the camper to attend.

SEE THE APPROVED MEDICATION LIST: This is a list of approved medication that may be administered by the Health Care Provider at Twin Peaks Bible Camp.

IMMUNIZATIONS: You will need to upload to the registration portal either a Colorado Immunization Form or a Colorado Immunization Exemption Form.

COLORADO IMMUNIZATION FORM: For those who vaccinate their children, you will need to upload to the registration portal, the Colorado (cdphe) Immunization Form (physician-provided printouts such as Allscripts are not sufficient for our state requirements). Please submit a new form every time your child receives a new immunization. 

Colorado (cdphe) Immunization Form


COLORADO NONMEDICAL IMMUNIZATION EXEMPTION: Upload a Colorado Immunization Exemption Form. Go to the following link to watch a video module in order to obtain a nonmedical exemption. An Exemption must be submitted every year. 

Colorado Immunization Exemption Module

If you reside outside of Colorado, please get in touch with the camp office for assistance finding the correct immunization form from your state.