Welcome to Twin Peaks Bible Camp

Twin Peaks Bible Camp is dedicated to sharing God’s Word with people of all ages. Our goal is to share the Gospel with those who do not know Jesus Christ as Savior, and to strengthen the faith of those who have already made a commitment to Christ. We are an independent, fundamental, non-profit organization, inspected and licensed by the state of Colorado.



Camp runs on selfless donations from individuals and churches. Our staff  work as missionaries gathering support from those committed to the expansion of God’s kingdom. All funds that we receive go strait into the operation and development of camp.

To donate, make gifts payable to Twin Peaks Bible Camp and mail to:
PO Box 907
Grand Junction, CO 81502

If you would like to designate how the gift is used, please attach a note signifying purpose (Director’s Fund, Scholarship, Building Fund, etc.) of the gift.

We appreciate and value all and every donation that you make whether it is with your time, money, or prayers.

Thank you!