Wilderness Camp

June 17-20, 2024

Participants of Wilderness Camp will embark on a four day, three night backpacking adventure in the wilderness on top of the Grand Mesa. Drawing closer to God with Biblical teaching in the great outdoors! Activities will include survival skills, hiking, and possible lake activities. This camp is for any high school student who has completed 9th grade that is ready for high adventure! Limit 20 participants.

For Wilderness Camp

  • Please use the following as a guide for packing. Twin Peaks Bible Camp will supply tents, food, cooking gear, tarps, first-aid, and other group gear. You need to bring your own pack, sleeping bag, and clothing. We suggest the following:
  • Bring appropriate clothing. Avoid 100% cotton clothing because it performs poorly in the high-elevation environment. Use cotton/polyester blends or nylon pants instead of blue jeans. Also, PolarTec or polyester fleece are better for the trip than cotton sweatshirts (it can get COLD at night).
  • Keep the toilet kit small. We will not be washing with soap in open water, and most students have found soap to be unnecessary. A toothbrush and toothpaste, comb or brush, personal medications, and contact lens supplies, if needed, will be all you need. Woman anticipating “feminine needs” during the trip should bring several sheets of paper from a magazine and small Ziploc bags. The magazine sheets will be used to wrap items before putting them into a Ziploc bag, which will be placed in the group garbage at the end of each day.
  • As with any camping trip, avoid unnecessary weight or bulk. Roll clothes to maximize space. Pack belongings in Ziplocs within your pack as rain or a dunking is always a threat. You’ll need space in your pack for group gear and food, so do not pack to the brim. Remember you will be carrying your own gear so make sure your pack is a manageable weight.

o Well fitting hiking backpack (internal or external frame)
o Moisture-wicking T-shirts
o Moisture-wicking underwear
o Quick-drying pants/shorts
o Long-sleeve shirts (for sun, bugs)
o Sun-shielding hats
o Bandanas or buffs
o Boots or shoes suited to terrain
o Socks (synthetic or wool)
o Sleepwear
o Insulating jacket or vest
o Rainwear (jacket and pants)
o Water sandals
o Bug spray
o Towel/toothpaste/toothbrush
o Toilet paper/ survival spade(shovel)
o Be prepared to not shower (its fun)! You are backpacking you can bring hand sanitizer or Castile’s soap for washing up with.

o 2 Water Bottles

Sun protection
o Sunscreen
o Lip balm
o Sunglasses
o Sun-shielding hat

o Headlamp or flashlight (plus spare)
o Extra batteries

o Sleeping bag in stuff sack
o Pack pillow
o Plastic bag to store sleeping bag
o Sleeping pad/ground pad

Addition Items
o Extra garbage bags for protecting your gear in case it rains
o Bible
o Journal/pen
o Hatchet (optional)
o Survival whistle
o Lightweight spoon, fork, cup and bowl
o Pocket knife (optional)
o Any musical instrument that fits in your gear bag (optional)
o Fishing gear/license (optional)

*All gear that is not marked with (optional) is mandatory. If you are unable to locate any of these items please reach out to Ryan on the TPBC staff at least two weeks prior so that we can help you round up the necessary equipment. We have a limited supply of equipment that will be available on first come basis.

Download this packing list.