The Counselor’s Importance

Their value in the camping program cannot be overestimated. They are the most important person on the grounds. A speaker may fail, but it will make little difference with good counselors. 

6 Week Paid Counselor Position:

Every year, we need four male and four female counselors to serve during the four weeks of kid’s camps and two weeks prior for training and help with camp preparations/Wilderness Camp.  Meals and lodging are provided, and $1,150.00 for counselors who commit for six weeks.

Payment Breakdown:

Each week served: $150 

If a counselor serves for six weeks, they will receive a bonus of $250 at the end of the summer.

Can’t commit to 6 weeks?

 If you can only come for a week or two, we would still love for you to be a part of the camp. Counselors are highly encouraged to attend the training days in June (see payment breakdown). Specific trainings are required to be completed before the camp start date.  

Counselor Requirements:

Must be 18 or older (or 17 and a recent high school graduate)

Must be able to pass the background check

Must be following a Christian lifestyle, growing with the Lord, and provide a testimony

Must be willing to serve and work with children/teens

Must be willing to perform cleaning duties

Should be willing to serve in any capacity

Must abide by Camp’s doctrinal statement and policies

What to Expect:

A counselor’s main role is to ensure each camper’s welfare, health, safety, and care.  Although this role can be physically and spiritually demanding, the rewards are huge! Witnessing a camper accept Christ or strengthen their relationship with the Lord can be a life-changing experience. Being willing to do the Lord’s work has eternal benefits!

Counselors will be expected to complete the following duties:

Invest in each camper for the week that they are attending.

Share the Gospel message with each camper and encourage them to grow in their relationship with Christ.

Lead cabin devotions.

Provide supervision and care for campers at all times.

Help lead games, worship, or other activities that will benefit the camper’s experience.

Be willing to serve in any other support role during the summer.

Be ready to participate in activities alongside campers (It can be physically demanding).

Application Form

If returning as a counselor, please use this form:

Returning Staff Form