The Snow is Deep!

The snow is deep and plentiful at camp this year! With the abundance of snow, we have had to shovel some roofs to make sure the buildings weren’t damaged. It is also creating challenges to keep the road cleared and paths open. We thought you might like to see a few pictures of the winter wonderland at 8000 feet on the Grand Mesa.

Boys dorm is a bit hard to get to right now.
Dining hall has its share of snow as well.
Dining hall porch.
We might need to climb some to get out!
The snack shop carries a load of snow.
The snow is piled high after it slides off the snack shop.
Whitecaps on the cabins!
The metal roofs help shed the load of snow.
Girls dorm has shed most of the snow.
Looking up the trail towards the ball diamond.
A great view of Old Man Mountain.